Our Approach

Instead of being overwhelmed by countless economic reports and forecasts, we will customise and develop a unique targeted information and analytical platform for your company.

Bespoke Tools

We combine our analytical toolkit and econometric modelling with your company’s data to deliver a targeted report with actionable insights.

Visualisation Techniques

We use latest techniques to deliver an integrated information platform – combining charts, analysis and modelling into a single dashboard.

Customised Consulting

Through in-depth one-on-one consultation we will develop a targeted solution for our clients that can assist in strategic decisions.

Analytical Toolkit

Always stay up to date with the latest economic figures, insights and forecasts. Our full range of economic subscription packages designed to suit your business needs and budget.


Forecast of baseline, positive and negative scenarios for risk management and stress-testing exercises, including IFRS9 and capital management.


PowerBIdashboard that benchmarks a company’s financial results vs. the industry / competitors, demonstrates growth potential and leading indicators of the industry in which the company operates, and provides an “early warning” system.


Data and forecasts for South Africa at provincial, district and local municipality level - can assist in developing reliable regional business plans and projections.


Dashboard quantifying impact of macro-economic outcomes on a company’s sales or on a bank’s profitability, credit risk & demand for products. Includes a tailor-made macro-economic dashboard, tracking indicators pertinent to a company’s operations.


Social Accounting Matrix econometric model, includes 49 sectors and shows multiplier impacts of an industry on employment, GDP, investment, trade etc. Assesses impact of changes to government policy or emerging macro developments on a business.