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We help our clients to interpret the impact of economic trends and forecasts on their strategy and to identify opportunities and risks.               

We provide a trustworthy single source of information and help our clients to discern the correct economic impact and trends amongst a deluge of information.  


We assist our clients with interpreting economic developments through personal access to our team of economists.                                                          



Our approach is to empower our clients with decision support intelligence within an ever-changing and globalised economic environment.
Our products provide detailed economic insight and forecasts for the timely adjustment of business strategies to the changes in economic trends.
Our in-depth analysis of economic fundamentals aims to guide our clients in understanding the economic environment in order to identify opportunities and risks.
By keeping abreast of key economic developments, our clients can increase their competitive advantage and clarify alternative strategies


The flow of information to businesses has been increasing at an almost exponential rate with the proliferation of social media and the expansion of electronic media flow. 
One could become lost in this barrage of information, with an inability to discern underlying trends and what is important from that which is not. 
Econometrix analyses the economic and socio-political information more deeply than what is presented in the media, in an attempt to dig deeper into the underlying meaning of the information and promote thinking beyond convention.
We provide a dependable single source for economic information, thereby reducing time spent on numerous diverse inputs.


Econometrix is a leader in the economic consulting arena.  We differentiate ourselves through our independent in-depth analysis of economic trends, accurate forecasts and direct access to our team of economists.  
Through generating a two-way dialogue between clients and economists, our clients can glean key insights from expert economists.
Our profile and philosophy differ fundamentally to those of a typical economic consultancy as we are totally independent of any official organisation or pressure group.




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