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Do you need economic data at your fingertips?
DataMetrix is a comprehensive set of both domestic and international economic databases containing over 8200 time series.
DataMetrix is a multi-user, networkable solution that can either be installed at the user’s site or accessed via a virtual platform that requires no end-user installation.
Data can be easily accessed through a user-friendly web-interface and exported directly to Excel or other MS Office formats.
A very convenient auto-update function, Live Update, automatically updates users systems with the latest program files via the internet.  Once a data series or chart is exported to Excel, this function will update the saved file with the latest data every time the file is opened - no manual updating is required. 
The domestic database primarily covers all South African macro-economic data released by Statistics SA and the South African Reserve Bank, as well as a selected number of ad-hoc time series (sourced from sources such as Absa and the Bureau for Economic Research).  The database consists of annual, quarterly and monthly time-series from as early as 1948 to the present.  The domestic database is updated on a daily basis.
The international database contains extensive and detailed economic data from the US, obtained from the St Louis Federal Reserve Bank.  In addition, key economic international data is also included in this database.  The international database is updated on a weekly basis.
DataMetrix combines the functionality of extracting data from the database with the option to chart the data using a sophisticated charting application, which offers a suite of tools and features, such as: 
  • control over chart colours, fonts, graph, line and fill styles, axis and legends
  • creating charts of a single series or up to 10 series using multi-series charts 
  • charts can be copied to multiple image formats (BMP, PNG and GIF), or exported to Excel, Word or PowerPoint
  • users can create workspaces containing a variety of charts and data that can be instantly recalled and updated
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Full DataMetrix database (existing clients) – monthly subscription
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