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Quarterly Report & Forecasts
Quarterly Consumer Outlook  | More informationView sample
A comprehensive quarterly report analysing the domestic economy and specifically household consumption expenditure.  Economic variables that impact directly on the consumer and retail market, i.e. inflation, interest rates, income, employment and credit, are analysed in-depth.  The report also includes detailed forecasts of key economic variables, consumption expenditure and retail sales.  The insight contained in the report gives one a solid grasp of domestic economic trends, allowing for easy interpretation. 
Consumption and Retail Sales Forecasts.  Our econometric model provides quarterly and annual four-year forecasts of household consumption (by category) and retail sales.
Weekly News Bulletins & Alerts
Consumer Market Trends | More information | View sample
Weekly reports on all South African economic consumer and retail related data released.
Monthly Review.  Summarises in a single document all the key economic news released in the previous month. 
DataMetrix. Domestic and Global Economic Database (at a reduced fee) | More information
A comprehensive set of domestic and international economic databases containing over 8,200 time series.  Data can be easily accessed through a user-friendly web-interface and exported directly to Excel or other MS Office formats.  DataMetrix combines the functionality of extracting data from the database with the option to chart the data.
Selected economic data could be provided on an ad-hoc basis at no extra cost.
Direct Access
One-on-one calls / emails.  Phone calls or email exchanges with our team of economists, who will provide quick responses to your consumer-related questions.
Client Presentations.  Comprehensive presentations (four times per year) and discussion sessions (presented by Dr. Jammine) - exclusively to our clients - covering the current state of the economy, pertinent developments and an analysis of the future consequences of short and long-term economic trends on both international and domestic economic and corporate activities.
Annual Econometrix Budget Conference.  Free attendance at our conference where Dr. Jammine and other speakers give a detailed analysis of the National Budget and its immediate and future impact on the economy.
In-house presentation/consultation (at an additional fee).  A presentation or consultation session by Dr. Jammine to the client organisation, with discussions relating specifically to the client’s business, combined with an overview and forecast of the general economy.
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1 Year Subscription to Quarterly Consumer Outlook Report (4 reports per annum)
R 13600.00
Once-off copy of Quarterly Consumer Outlook report
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